Gestion Promed Inc., an experienced ally for your success in medical management

What is the Gestion Promed Inc. advantage? A team of competent and qualified management and development consultants serving medical clinics in Quebec.

Johanne Carelli is the senior consultant at Gestion Promed Inc. and has spent over 25 years in the medical management field.

Since graduating with a degree in business administration from HEC in 1986, she has worked tirelessly to update her skills and to provide her expertise to medical clinics, network clinics, family medicine groups and audioprosthetist practices.

Her expertise enables her to take on both large and small projects. Medical management, says Mrs. Carelli, is not measured in square feet or employees, but rather in terms of challenges and solutions.

She invests herself fully in each project, with a watchful eye both for minute details and the big picture, with all the determination and ease of communication that she is known for.

In 1990, Johanne Carelli was appointed executive director of a large, interdisciplinary medical clinic in Verdun (merged with Jean Coutu in 1998) comprising 50 general practitioners, 20 specialists and 25 secretaries.

In 2001, the Jean Coutu Group rewarded Mrs. Carelli for her excellent work by requesting her services on numerous other large projects. She subsequently launched a number of megaprojects, including the opening of the 15,000-square-foot Médi-Centre Chomedy in Laval (25 physicians, 15 specialists, 20 secretaries) and the Clinique 3000 in Montreal.

Since then, Johanne Carelli has replicated her recipe for success at numerous clinics ranging in size from 7,000 to 15,000 square feet.

Since 2004, Mrs. Carelli—well aware of the complexity involved in setting up family medicine groups—has been providing her services to doctors by taking charge of the entire initial local CSSS administrative process.

In 2007, Johanne Carelli acquired even more expertise, taking on the position of consultant and manager of an independent group of audioprosthetists in Quebec.

Given her impressive professional career and experience in medical and network clinic management and her pioneering and innovative work setting up family medicine groups, Johanne Carelli is undoubtedly an indispensable asset to any plan targeting the optimization of management operations.

Our suppliers

Gestion Promed’s experts are committed to maintaining the highest quality services.

As a result, they buy only from the best suppliers, recognized across Quebec for the quality of their equipment and medical supplies.

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Our main clients include:

  • The Jean Coutu Group
  • Clinique Médi-Centre Chomedey
  • Clinique médicale 3000
  • Clinique du Plateau Mont-Royal
  • …and many more…