Gestion Promed Inc. offers tailored services to:

  • Help you better manage all aspects of daily operations.
  • Help you organize and facilitate communication between health care professionals, thereby enabling you to achieve optimal results.
  • Help you establish a work environment where quality of life matters.
  • Help you set up a medical clinic, network clinic or GMF (certification, optimization, restructuring, expansion) by employing a step-by-step approach.
  • Provide advice and support to audioprosthetists to help them manage their clinics.

Are you one of Gestion Promed’s potential clients?

You would like to set up a family medicine group (GMF), but the many legal hurdles and challenges of recruiting general practitioners, specialists and support staff holding you back.

You would like to set up a new medical clinic, but the planning required seems to be an insurmountable obstacle.

You would like to restructure your medical practice, but you have neither the time nor the ability to manage such a project.

You would like to expand, but aren’t sure where to begin.

You are looking for a professional, medical management or development consultant to revitalize your medical practice or clinic.

Did you say medical management?


Managing a medical clinic or a group of physicians comprehensively and effectively requires a variety of expertise and follows a number of procedures. Gestion Promed Inc. offers comprehensive or targeted support, based on each clinic’s specific requirements.

Gestion Promed Inc. is THE solution for you – our comprehensive approach and constant attention to detail will help you manage your clinic efficiently, streamline daily operations and significantly improve patient care. We will help you:

  • Manage initial set-up procedures such as legal paperwork, correspondence with the various governmental agencies, human resources recruitment and the installation of an efficient workspace for clinical personnel, support staff and patients.
  • Optimize medical management operations in areas such as routine administration (organization of patient services, administrative and financial follow-ups), human resources and IT.
  • Capture the full potential of both human and physical resources, including planning of special projects and events, support with expansion plans and short-, medium- and long-term follow-up (training and coaching).