Given the complex and difficult nature of setting up and managing a medical clinic or family medicine group (GMF), Gestion Promed Inc. offers effective solutions to implement and optimize every management detail.

Our experts have the skills and experience required to act at each step and to provide their professional expertise to existing and future clinics.

Our services:

  • Assessment and analysis: Examine strengths and weaknesses, define objectives, look at available resources, evaluate needs, identify key issues
  • Development of a strategic action plan and development plan: Establish an ordered approach, communicate focus and priorities, estimate costs, produce a report containing recommendations
  • Management of all legal aspects: Draft partnership agreements, contractual agreements and employee contracts (agreements relating to cost sharing and each party’s responsibilities, drafting of the clinic’s policies and payment methods, collective agreements, renewal), incorporate the clinic/group.
  • Management of the entire GMF certification process
  • Clinical, administrative and technical staffing: Write classifieds, develop recruitment techniques for staff or associates (advertising, job descriptions), interview and select candidates
  • Negotiation of required contracts (professional insurance, commercial lease)
  • Compliance with all laws and Health Ministry regulations
  • Continued communication with the various governmental agencies involved in the implementation process
  • Financial planning (repayment schedule, debt management)
  • Identification of and advice on capital property financing
  • Design layout plans for the medical clinic or practice
  • Organize interior design
  • Search for location and a lease
  • Furnish or reorganize rooms used by clinical or technical personnel, support staff and patients
  • Follow up with the various suppliers (service providers, suppliers of medical furnishings and supplies)
  • Management of administrative personnel: conflict resolution, best practices, workflow organization;
  • Management of healthcare staff and technical resources: organization or improvement of patient services, support in providing continued care, optimum coordination between the various parties;
  • Administrative follow-up: electronic management of medical files, file management system, patient lists;
  • Financial management : Accounting (billing of procedures covered and not covered by insurance, bookkeeping), reports (account statements, bank reconciliation, monthly statistics), taxation (tax report), follow-up, advice on billing options; and
  • IT management: Use of management software, information sharing systems.
  • Support the implementation of organizational changes;
  • Performance assessment of the clinic and of services provided: Evaluate the clinic’s performance, analyze its organizational effectiveness (targeted interventions to reduce costs and increase productivity), carry out performance evaluations of administrative and medical staff, search for the best strategy and the ideal ratio of administrative resources to health professionals, study the clinic’s performance versus medical constraints;
  • Drafting of a marketing plan: Improve communications and information systems, develop a targeted communications strategy (to current and potential personnel, patients and external resources), issue scheduled and one-time communiqués;
  • Execute special projects and events: Event planning, management, coordination, communications and assessment;
  • Short-, medium- and long-term support to administrative and medical staff : Training, skills development, coaching, technical and telephone support, advice
  • Support with expansion plans: Analysis and reorganization of operations, review of immediate priorities and long-term objectives, identify foreseeable obstacles and successes, growth planning; and
  • Help setting up an association of physicians.